The Purpose of Communication

Published on 28 August 2021 at 23:55

Communication unites the world....

Communication is the essential element in uniting the world, and creating either an atmosphere of peace or distress. Communication is the breeding ground for chaos or productivity in both social and professional settings, and has become a popular point of discussion amongst individuals and organizations. It holds a vital role in determining the success of a task among friends, or the tasks of a company. With it being a key role in producing a calm, peaceful, and productive environment for employers and employees, individuals must analyze their responses toward individuals to maintain the flow of production in an environment. 

One must begin analyzing their responses toward individuals, not only verbally but non-verbally, ensuring that we do not offend or upset the person we are speaking with. To ensure this, it is wise to stay away from subjects of belief and moral since they can be a very sensitive subjects to individuals that may not have a similar belief or moral systems as the responder. Keeping conversation focused on profession is advised since it can help limit the amount of conversations that may be deemed inappropriate or offensive to others, but this doesn't necessarily mean strictly focusing on work oriented subjects all hours of the day, or getting to know your team members on a personal level. It simply means,  striving to not offend individuals by conversing on topics of belief or moral, by limiting  conversation subjects of politics, religion, morals, cultural differences, and stereotypes.

If individuals strive for this, companies and relationships will thrive, and most communication will be positive, focusing on individual and group skills. Allowing not only a team, but members of the team to thrive amongst each other by knowing everyone's strong suits, creating an environment where work can be handed out properly to produce the most efficient results. This is a very important concept to grasp. As said before, it is the key roll in determining the success of a company. If one learns, to properly communicate in the work place, or in any relationship, the unity of the group will intensify positively for the betterment of the relationship, yielding the best results for the company or individual relationship. 

As individuals in society, it is our duty to strive for this kind of environment to be created, not only for the betterment of our company, or close relationships, but for the world. If every individual understood this concept, unity, peace, joy, and productivity would increase exponentially across the world. 

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